Views from the Studio Window

Book 'views from the studio window' Andrew Barrowman - Krowji
‘Views from the studio window’ by Andrew Barrowman

‘Views from the Studio Window’

64 full colour pages soft backed book featuring 120 oil studies of St Agnes Beacon, Cornwall painted looking through the studio window.

120 Original oil studies on paper

In February 2020 Andrew began painting small oil studies on paper looking at the view from his studio window at Krowji in Redruth, Cornwall. The stunning view of St Agnes Beacon and the immense sky above was the main inspiration for the project. As the project developed through the year of the pandemic, Andrew became more and more interested in the landscape between the studio and the Beacon. It was fascinating to see how quickly the landscape changed through the weeks and months.

At the end of the project, which ran from 13th February 2020 to 13th February 2021, Andrew had painted 120 oil studies of the same view! They are all featured in the book along with some on location photographs of Andrew painting en plein air on St Agnes Beacon and written notes about the project.

The book was part funded by Cultivator Cornwall