Landscape painting in Cornwall, Andrew Barrowman paints en plein air and in the studio using oils as his chosen medium. He tries to convey the feeling and atmosphere of a landscape onto canvas for the viewer to have an idea of what it was like to be there.

His paintings often start with ideas found whilst walking his dog. He usually carries a small sketch book with him, making quick sketches and colour notes. These will sometimes be developed into paintings.

I love working outdoors when I get the opportunity. Painting by the sea, I often come home tasting the salt on my lips from the spray thrown into the air as the waves crash against the rocks. Painting inland I usually come home covered in mud or scratched by brambles after tumbling over with all my painting gear – and the dog in hand!

Landscape painting outdoors on location (en plein air) is something that Andrew really enjoys. He feels it helps him learn more about his subject in the landscape. There are often many distractions whilst painting outside such as changeable weather, rising tides, changing light and insects biting! It’s all part of the experience of creating a painting..

In the studio larger paintings can be worked on. Andrew works on many at the same time. This allows for paint to dry and different ideas to feed off each other. Sometimes though, a painting just will not work. The brave decision is taken to paint over it, starting something completely different. The ‘underpainting’ reveals itself through this new layer of paint and often contributes surprising and exciting texture or tones.

Andrew also makes his own supports to paint on using traditional methods and materials. His favourite is a rigid board, such as birch ply sized with glue, covered with a material such as canvas. The board is cradled at the back to prevent warping and covered in gesso giving a firm textured surface.

Working in this way gives him a sense of fulfillment as he has created everything from start to finish. Even the support is part of the finished creation.

Plein air painting in Finistere Brittany

Plein air painting in Finistere Brittany

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