Plein air painting gallery

Plein air paintings by artist Andrew Barrowman, based in West Cornwall painting outdoors direct from life

Plein-air painting

Gallery of paintings that I have completed ‘en plein-air’ outdoors in a variety of locations. Mainly Cornwall but I have included a couple of paintings I did for the Buxton Spa Prize 2017. This does not include any images from my many sketchbooks that I have worked in over the years. Most of the outdoor work is used as reference for my studio work, but sometimes this looser and quickly painted style works as a painting in its own right.

I really enjoy working outdoors. Often I go to paint locations I know well whilst walking my dogs. Other times I just go and explore with my painting gear and see what happens. They don’t always end up as masterpieces but I always have fun and when I look back at these paintings done on location – I always remember every moment I was there!

Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed painting them. Look out for the photo of my September plein air session at Welcombe Hills, Stratford Upon Avon where I was met by a very unusual art critic!

Here is a link to a plein air painting on my online ETSY Shop ‘Old Hall Hotel Buxton’